Alien Contact Novel Overtaken Captive States Press Release


Alien Contact Novel Overtaken Captive States An Alien Invasion Press Release

by R.W.K. Clark
JULY 18, 2015

Alien Invasion Melds Computer Hacking In This Alien Contact Novel Overtaken Captive States.

Southwestern United States – Local author of this alien contact novel is known as R.W.K Clark who is the writer of many other brilliant fiction books.
This highly captivating book focuses on an impending Alien invasion that is currently looming over the fate of the entire world. The skies of major cities around the world have all gone dark and are filled with unique air crafts from space. Remarkably, the aliens are planning to take over the planet since they want to make it their new home. They have made their demands clear to the humans, and they are very appalling. To be specific, these human-like invaders have come with the agenda of eliminating the entire human species from the face of the earth, and they plan to stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

The oppressors are ready to evaluate each human and send those that pass the test to a new planet to begin a new life, and the chances are high that they may never see their loved ones or friends again. However, the only caveat is that only a few people can qualify for survival on the new planet. Consequently, the aliens seem to have no form of compassion when handling the humans. People that are frail and sick are killed, and those that try to hide are wiped out with their advanced grade weaponry. The remaining vulnerable humans are forced to watch their fate with nothing they can do but wait for help.

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In this supernatural thrillers Josh, who works at the Pentagon in developing programs, has discovered a computer hacker known as Kamryn. She is an excellent at security hacking, they join forces and to try and save the face of humanity. Their skills are the only last hope that humanity has to survive.

Overtaken: Captive States is independently published and can be found in both a paperback and Kindle edition.

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ISBN-13: 978-0692489314
ISBN-10: 0692489312
BISAC: fiction/ thrillers/ supernatural / romance

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