One Of The Best Psychological Thrillers Novels Brother’s Keeper

Brother’s Keeper by R.W.K. Clark his best psychological thrillers

Brother’s Keeper by R.W.K. Clark

One of the best psychological thrillers novels

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Brother’s Keeper is a book by author RWK Clark that tells the story of a stranger who is passing through a small town that is filled with secrets and murder. Clark is a writer out of New Mexico who has released a number of works, and he also dabbles in other creative prospects as well. As for this book, it can easily be classified as one of his best psychological thrillers, which is a first for him, and it contains an abundance of twists and surprises. Set in a small, fictional main town, there is no lack of interesting characters, and the fiction writing itself is crazy enough to keep the story going strong from the beginning to the end.

The main reason why I added this novel to the best psychological thrillers novels list.

After his young wife dies of cancer, Scott Sharp goes into a bit of a depression. As a way to cope with the heartache of her loss, he decides to just pick up and go wherever the road takes him. During this period, a train he is riding happens to stop briefly in a town called Burdensville, and he decides to grab a bite to eat at a café in the tiny town.
Unfortunately for Scott, the second he steps off that train, his fate is sealed.

It gets better.

Scott learns during his stay, Burdensville is filled with dark secrets, including a rash of horrible murders that have been taking place around the town. Scott begins to untangle some of these secrets, and it seems that the entire town is a victim of some kind of generational evil that has controlled its people for years. Readers may find a joke here or there, but those are more snide or sarcastic in nature; this is a serious murder mystery book at its core, with young people who are dying violently. There is a serial killer loose and Scott is sure he lives in Burdensville. Another reason why I added this novel to the best psychological thrillers novels list.

You might be wondering about the characters.

Other characters in the book include Denise Jensen, waitress and lifelong Burdensville resident who has had to care for her younger sister Diane since their parents died. Sheriff Robert Darby is a key player, the enigmatic, and seemingly crooked, law of the land. There are others too, like Ronnie Smith, the town drunk, Dickie, the café owner and father figure for Denise. Clark also included other colorful characters, like the elderly spinster twins, Madeline and Margaret Harris, the town’s gossipers.

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