Press Release Dead on the Water: Abandon Ship (Zombie Cruise)


‘Dead on the Water: Abandon Ship (Zombie Cruise)’ New Fiction Revealed To the World by Author R.W.K. Clark

By R.W.K. Clark
February,16 2018

Albuquerque, NM – R.W.K. Clark's new fiction novel is taking the world by storm! The story involves the Harrington’s whose planning a vacation aboard a luxury cruise ship destined to dock in Belize. They are unaware that the voyage is one that is to turn into a ship of horrors.

This new fiction book’s filled with high action drama where each scene is masterfully crafted. A unique combination of a mystery, horror, and supernatural thriller. Fans will be delighted to discover a book that will keep them guessing as they turn each page.


The author has received many positive book reviews. A recent editorial review was received from Midwest Book Review.
“R.W.K Clark has proven to me that he is a talented author. By writing this book he has revealed his true writer’s voice to the world. This story is one that will definitely hold your interest and become one that is hard to forget. I highly recommend this book and look forward to discovering more of this author's future works”.
Suzie Housley, Midwest Book Review

Dead on the Water: Abandon Ship (Zombie Cruise) was published by Clarkltd and is available for purchase at and Barnes & Noble.


Most people know R.W.K Clark as the versatile author who is capable of writing about a wide range of subjects that are just on the fringe of what most people think of as reality. Perhaps that is the very thing that is so appealing, as the author has developed quite a following of devoted fans who can’t wait for each new book to be released.

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Press Release Dead on the Water
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Don't miss the thrilling suspense novel from bestselling author RWK Clark. What happens when a dream vacation becomes a fight for survival? A cruise ship carrying a terrible, zombie-making virus returns to the vast ocean. This post-apocalyptic science fiction novel pulsates with horror and evil that will have you on the edge of your seat.