Brother’s Keeper: A Novel of Murder and Deception

A Psychological Thriller

A traveling stranger, down-home waitress, and a shifty sheriff with a past is just the beginning. A misunderstood act of chivalry lands an outsider in jail and places him at the mercy of a town hiding a sinister secret that is best left uncovered. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished, and that punishment may be his life… read more.
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State Police Continue Questioning in Burdensville. “The latest news about a young woman’s body found outside of Burdensville has nearby communities feeling unsettled, to say the least. Burdensville police are investigating that murder, as well as the others, in cooperation with state police. We will keep you posted on any updates as we get them.” Police will continue their line of questioning in regard to the recent murders in the Burdensville area. While investigators have not revealed what they suspect, they have released information that they are convinced the murders were related. The press has been unable to get a statement from the sheriff himself. The spokesperson for the police has stated that they will begin questioning town locals on an extended basis. These interviews may begin as early as Monday morning. If anyone has any information or has seen anything at all relating to the murders they are encouraged to contact the State Police. Brother’s Keeper Novel, is a gripping murder mystery thriller, full of suspense and deception, who is the psycho murderer? Read how the plot unfolds in this serial killer tale from RWK Clark.

ISBN-10: 0692744746
ISBN-13: 978-0692744741

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Brother’s Keeper
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