Supernatural Thriller Blood Feather Awakens Press Release


Supernatural Thriller Blood Feather Awakens Press Release

by R.W.K. Clark
JUNE 7, 2016

Chicago, IL – R.W.K. Clark Releases Blood Feather Awakens: The Time Bound Rebirth.

For any individual that is a fan of author R.W.K. Clark or who thoroughly enjoys a good novel that encompasses supernatural elements, Blood Feather Awakens: The Time Bound Rebirth is an absolute must read.
This supernatural thriller novel centers around its main character, Blood Feather. This is a bird that no one has ever before discovered, thought to be so prehistoric that it actually roamed the earth long before humans began to dominate it. More specifically, the story centers around the two protagonists of the story who are lulled into this creature's existence with a lone photograph. Soon, the reader is pulled in to the story as it becomes more gripping and terrifying.
This is a new fiction novel that is extremely well-written by an author who is capable of making it seem as though every detail is actually happening. It is easy to understand why after the first few chapters, it will be difficult for you to put it down. The next thing you know, you will be intrigued with the story is if you were written directly onto the pages as a key character in the book. It is relatively rare that a book is this compelling. That fact, along with its subject matter, makes this supernatural thriller a novel that you simply must try. Once you do, you won't be able to put it down.


Most people know R.W.K Clark as the versatile author who is capable of writing about a wide range of subjects that are just on the fringe of what most people think of as reality. Perhaps that is the very thing that is so appealing, as the author has developed quite a following of devoted fans who can’t wait for each new book to be released. Blood Feather Awakens The Timebound Rebirth is independently published and can be found in both a paperback and Kindle edition.

ISBN-13: 978-0692734087
ISBN-10: 0692734082
BISAC: fiction/ thrillers/ supernatural

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Supernatural Thriller Blood Feather Awakens Press Release
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