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Vampire books generally focus on the one who lives by preying on others. Vampire literature covers a large spectrum of literary work today. In some vampire romance books fictional vampires can be romantic figures, often described as elegant and sexy, yet in other vampire stories they are the reanimated body of a dead person believed to suffer from vampiris, the disease that leads to vampirism, they come from the grave to suck the blood of a sleeping person.
A vampire love story today is very different from vampire folklore of the past, which was a horrifying animated corpse. However, as in folklore, the vampyre is sustained by drinking blood.
Generally, vampire fiction characters vary from a blood-thirsty killer, to seductive romantics, there are vampires of every personality. Vampire literature has been popular for centuries, but the genre has evolved over time, today you can choose from a popular vampire trilogy to much larger vampire novel series.
In the average vampire book series of today the vampires often have a pale appearance and their skin is cool to the touch. Vampire books are some of the most popular category of fantasy out of all the subgenres.
Some authors alter the characteristics of vampires, by allowing them to be in sunlight or to feed on the blood of animals. Other authors imagine that vampires have emotions and desires even troubles resembling our own.

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