What are the Best Horror Books for Teens?

The best horror books for teens are those that create fear by forming the scariest supernatural elements. Horror novels for teens are essential since they help draw their fears out. For example, they make teens more terrified by drawing them into intense emotions that a character in the horror book feels. For example, Elliot Keller … Read more

Why Psychological Thrillers Make the Best Books

Psychological thrillers form the best books for many people. Good thrillers ensure total entertainment of the audience. Thus, the audience will keep reading the piece. If you read Passing Through, you’re first interested to know more about the perfect life of Rick and Donna. But there is a twist of events where it suddenly turns … Read more

Lucifer’s Angel Writer’s Commentary

‘Lucifer’s Angel’ is a book which tells the tale of a young girl raised in a very religious home, who experiences a year of terrible loss. The result of these painful occurrences is loss of the faith she has had her entire life, and in an effort to find a ‘god’ she can trust, the … Read more

Lucifer’s Angel Character Profile

Sarah HathawayIn Lucifer’s Angel Sarah is a high school girl from the town of Paradise, which is predominantly Christian. Having been raised in the faith, she is confident of God’s love for her. But when she goes through several traumatic losses, Sarah begins to experience a high level of doubt, and she turns to witchcraft … Read more

Lucifer’s Angel Book Report

Lucifer’s Angel by R.W.K. Clark is a mystery suspense novel which relates the story of Sarah Hathaway, a teen from the town of Paradise, who, through a series of tragic events, comes to experience a serious crisis of faith. The only child of religious parents, Sarah has been brought up into the church, and until … Read more