Blood Feather Awakens

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In Blood Feather Awakens, Sam and Kate brave the wilds of the Amazon on a quest, unaware they are being stalked by both man and bird…

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In this chilling thriller from author R WK Clark, the raptor is coming to town—and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.
Sam and Kate find themselves in the middle of a nightmarish situation when they are stalked by a bloodthirsty creature that has been long extinct.
Could there be any better place to set a horror story than in the middle of the Amazon? Don’t miss this bizarre creature that defies the imagination in this gripping Science Fiction Fantasy.

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ISBN: 978-0692734087 Amazon

ISBN: 979-8765532751 Barnes and Noble

4 reviews for Blood Feather Awakens

  1. Kenieni

    Let’s start this very difficult review with something positive: this cover is beautiful. The colours, the drawing, the character’s placement; and even the title is so well done – and very intriguing. Everything on this cover is a masterpiece.

    Which is exactly its purpose: it wants you to desire it, to read it, to like it. And I’d have been glad to, believe me, but fantasy is a complicated topic to write and not everyone can do it. Successfully, at least.

  2. Brandon

    My favorite standalone book ever!!!
    Crawford, Brandon M

  3. Laraine Key

    The bird in this horror book is gruesome. It’s huge and it eyes seem to pierce your soul. It also has really long claws, which it uses to snatch up its victims. The bird is so scary that even the protagonist is afraid of it. But the bird is also kind of fascinating, in a morbid sort of way. You can’t help but keep reading, even though you know you’re probably going to have nightmares about this thing. If you’re looking for a truly horrifying read, this is the book for you. Just be prepared to have some nightmares afterwards.

  4. Liz S.

    The bird’s description alone is enough to send chills down your spine. But the real terror comes when it starts attacking people. The bird is fast and strong, and it tears its victims apart with its razor-sharp claws. It’s impossible to escape from, and it’s absolutely terrifying. If you’re looking for a good scare, this book is definitely for you. Just be warned: the bird will haunt your nightmares long after you’ve finished reading.

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