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Best Fiction Books That’ll Keep You Turning the Page, by R WK Clark. These fiction books will keep you up all night with edge-of-your-seat action and gripping suspense. Whether you want a brilliant plot twist, something with psychological intent, or a supernatural story, we’ve got some great recommendations for you. Sometimes you get in the mood for a bit of suspense, and there’s no better way to scratch that itch than with a killer book—literally. Here are 25 of the best fiction books you won’t be able to put down until the very last page. From suspense novels to the newest murder and Sci-Fi’s he has ever written. You’ll fly right through these, even if you do have to take a couple of breaks to turn on all the lights in your home to make sure no one is hiding in your closet. After all, there’s nothing more freaky than being unable to trust your mind, right? The following fiction books will keep you on your toes, and some a little creeped out. Whether you read them on your Kindle or prefer a traditional paperback, you will find them here. R WK Clark has bigger and better stories all the time, and it won’t be long before another dark tale comes along to capture our imaginations, so check back frequently. We all love a twist in the story, and this is something Clark has come to master. Here we reveal our pick of the latest and best fiction books from R WK Clark.

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