Passage of Time

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Driven by an obsession to conquer time, scientist Calvin Cooper devotes his life to unlocking the secret of eternal youth. With his devoted wife Elaina by his side, Calvin relentlessly pursues the fountain of youth, neglecting all else in his quest. But as his research progresses, a devastating truth emerges – the very thing Calvin craves could have unforeseen consequences. Will he achieve immortality or learn a heartbreaking lesson about the value of time itself?

Passage of Time by R.W.K. Clark is a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the perils of scientific ambition. It will leave you questioning what it truly means to live a fulfilling life.

  • Science Fiction: The core concept of the novel revolves around a scientist achieving a breakthrough in anti-aging, which is a classic trope in science fiction.

  • Drama: The story explores the emotional toll of Calvin’s obsession and the consequences it has on his relationships. The internal struggles and conflicts faced by the characters create a dramatic narrative.

  • Romance: The unwavering love of Elaina for Calvin and the impact of his neglect on their relationship is a central theme. Though not a typical romance with a happily-ever-after ending, the exploration of love and loss adds a romantic element to the story.

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Want to know what happens when a scientist obsessed with finding the fountain of youth finally cracks the code?

Passage of Time by RWK Clark is a captivating novel that explores the consequences of defying the natural order. Dive into the story of Calvin Cooper, a brilliant but troubled scientist, as he sacrifices everything in his pursuit of eternal youth.

Will he achieve his dream, or will he learn a devastating lesson about the importance of time itself?

In Passage of Time, you’ll discover:

  • A heartwrenching tale of love, loss, and obsession
  • The ethical dilemmas surrounding scientific progress
  • The importance of cherishing the present moment

Ready to embark on this emotional journey?

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1 review for Passage of Time

  1. Sam Lyons

    If you’re looking for a book that will keep you up at night, this is it. Passage of Time is a suspenseful drama that will have you second-guessing everything you thought you knew. The story follows Calvin, a man struggling to cope with a problem that has troubled the human race for millennia. He becomes obsessed with his project working every day, a common problem for some American workaholics today. But beware – once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down.

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