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The best science fiction books sometimes called SF “Speculative Fiction” is a genre of fiction having a scientific factor as an originating component. Depending on whom you ask, the line between the best new sci fi books and fantasy often tend to blur.
Frequently, good sci fi books depict a sense of anxiety about science and technology, for example medical research could unleash a new disease, or robots may revolt. In the best sci fi novels there is a lot of overlap between the fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres when it comes to zombies. If the explanation for the zombies existing is scientific, it’s Science Fiction. When zombies have a supernatural explanation for their existence the level of science is non-existent. However, in a sci fi thriller when the explanation is scientific, the level of science can be a well-researched and seemingly plausible cause. In the top sci fi books they usually contain a high level of real science, for example the cause of the outbreak is scientific and so is the cure. In turn resulting in the perfect ingredients for a sci fi horror.
It is important to note that science fiction has a relationship with the principles of science. When fictitious laws are involved like magic, magical, or mystical they now venture into the genre fantasy.

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