Dead on the Water

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In Dead on the Water, what happens when a dream vacation becomes a fight for survival?…

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Don’t miss the thrilling suspense novel from author RWK Clark.
What happens when a dream vacation becomes a fight for survival?
Read Dead on the Water by R.W.K. Clark

Horror Suspense Thrillers
Post-Apocalyptic Horror Suspense Thrillers
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ISBN: 978-0997876703 Amazon

3 reviews for Dead on the Water

  1. Thea Wyman

    The zombies in this horror book are cool, but they’re not the brains-craving, Romero-style creatures we’re used to. Instead, what makes these zombies cool is that they’re not just mindless killing machines. They’re also intelligent and can use weapons. In one scene, a group of zombies uses a pipe to break down a door that’s blocking their way. These zombies are definitely different from the ones we’re used to seeing, and that’s what makes them so cool.

  2. Edward R.

    The zombies in this horror book are definitely my favorite part. I love how they’re always shambling around and groaning for brains. And I really appreciate how they don’t seem to be very good at everything, so it’s easy for the characters to escape them. In addition, I think the author does a great job of making them feel like a real threat. The way they lurch towards the characters, with their mouths open and their eyes glazed over, is truly chilling. Overall, I think the zombies are a big part of what makes this book so enjoyable. They’re just so darn entertaining.

  3. Becca Lexington

    This horror book has a fresh take on zombies that makes them really cool. The author uses vivid descriptions to bring the zombies to life, and they are truly terrifying. But what sets this book apart is the way the zombies are used. They are not just mindless monsters, but play an important role in the story. The way they are used creates suspense and makes the reader question what will happen next. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good zombie story.

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