DeSai In The Depths

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In The Depths the first volume of the DeSai Trilogy a Sci-Fi Thriller. In the present day, the dashing, mysterious DeSai begins to wreak havoc in search of new blood.

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From international author comes this impressive work of madness and mayhem that may turn out to be R WK Clark’s greatest literary achievement.
In The Depths the first volume in the DeSai Trilogy, introduces readers to Cyril DeSai a centuries-old vampire. In the present day, the dashing, mysterious DeSai begins to wreak havoc in search of new blood.
Read In The Depths by R.W.K. Clark

(DeSai Trilogy) (Volume 1)

You know the drill: you’re lying in bed, trying to sleep, when you hear a noise outside. You try to ignore it but it’s getting closer and closer, until finally whatever it is is right outside your window. And then you see it – a pale face with red eyes glaring at you, mouth open wide to reveal two sharp fangs. You’re frozen in fear as the vampire climbs through the window and comes towards you…

But wait! This isn’t some cheap horror movie – it’s the perfect vampire thriller book, and you’re loving every minute of it. Whether it’s the suspense of not knowing who will be the next victim, or the gore of watching one poor soul get drained dry, there’s something about this type of book that just keeps you coming back for more. So if you’re looking for your next thrill, be sure to check out DeSai – you won’t be disappointed.

Occult Horror Suspense Thrillers
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ISBN: 978-0692721933 Amazon

ISBN: 979-8765532836 Barnes and Noble

39 reviews for DeSai In The Depths

  1. Brucedwelf

    Admin – Nice Article! DeSai In The Depths By

  2. RaymondSpeef

    Faantastic book

  3. AsiansOxymn

    Hello guys! Nice article DeSai In The Depths By | R.W.K. Clark

  4. RichardSeild

    was a great paranormal story to read. This is my first book by this author which I enjoyed their writing skills as well as their attention to details that made the story realistic. This is the first book in this series for this author and I look forward to seeing what happens in book two. This is a well written story that is dark with some added spice as well.

  5. Zajmspody

    This is a new author for me which I enjoyed reading. I found this book to well written and full of suspense. It is a story of greed, guilt and temptation. A story that is fast paced and hard to put down.

  6. AsiansOxymn

    Hello guys! Good article DeSai In The Depths By | R.W.K. Clark

  7. Nastyakap

    I finally got this on kindle and decided to do a full re-read. I’ve had the paperback since 2009 when I first read it and have done numerous re-reads and partial re-reads over the years.

  8. MarthaGrext

    DeSai In The Depths By | R.W.K. Clark

    I am a sucker for family thrillers and I really enjoyed

  9. AsiansOxymn

    Right away I must say to read the trigger warnings since this may not be your cup of tea.

  10. омг ссылка

    LOVED it!!!! It is a dark romance with sex so please read.

  11. omg onion

    Okay let me start off by saying what did I just read? This book was addicting right from the beginning. Loved the plot and adventure. The best part about this is I don’t have to wait for the next book to come out I’m diving in as we speak.

  12. omg shop

    DeSai In The Depths By | R.W.K. Clark
    I really loved this book. It’s great first book to series. I couldn’t put book down once started.

  13. омг сайт

    Absolutely gripping from beginning to end.

  14. ссылка на омг в тор

    This was a HOLY HELL novel!!!! It was intense, fast paced, dramatic and full of suprises. I loved every minute

  15. омг площадка

    But a word of advice from someone who went down this dark path.

  16. Bnhfuirsuh

    An extremely interesting story with characters that won’t disappoint. It’s impossible to not binge read. I can’t wait until more by this talented author.

  17. omg гидра

    This is an author that I never hesitate to pick up. Her books are full of mystery and characters that bring life to the story. This book is no different. I highly suggest reading the previous books in this series as well.

  18. Spent

    This is my first book by this author which I enjoyed reading and look forward to seeing what is next for this author. I enjoyed his attention to details that made his story feel realistic and easy to read.

  19. Kelvindaugs

    I don’t know why but I tear up at the end of this one. every. single. time.
    It’s not a sad a book and there are zero reasons for me to sniffle, but it always happens.

  20. Kelvindaugs

    I absolutely loved this story and every component about it.

  21. Nosikkap

    Awesome content. Thank you. See:

  22. Jamesunpax

    DeSai In The Depths By | R.W.K. Clark

    Hi all! My name is James Sun:

  23. Mosmdsber

    Oh my goodness…this was such a beautifully done story. The storyline was really good; the characters certainly well developed; a pretty straightforward plot

  24. Ashley

    Obviously we’re all going to need more than five stars for this one…you’ve literally blown us right out of the water with this bad boy!

  25. lasixorith

    I’m not sure where you’re getting your info, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for excellent information I was looking for this info for my mission.

  26. инвизибл двери москва

    I completely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. I was hooked from page one and was so absorbed into all 3 stories.

  27. LenkaGrext

    DeSai In The Depths By | R.W.K. Clark

    Welcome & Hi!
    Another great book by Kindle Alexander. Always draws you in and making you want to know more.

  28. tuniev

    I don’t know why some books catch my attention so quickly and other don’t but this one definitely has. It flows smoothly and I’m already hooked.

  29. Whibre

    I love me a good gothic-romance.

  30. lasixorith

    I am not sure where you’re getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.
    Thanks for magnificent info I was looking for this information for my mission.

  31. MarthaGrext

    None of the main characters are likeable but your forced to feel for them. All I have to say is no thanks not for me but this is just my opinion

  32. Arext

    This book was a wild ride.

  33. Sdvillber

    No stress. No cliffhanger endings. I needed this haha and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would have liked to see more of his bad ass side, though. I could easily see this turning into a series and was a little disappointed it’s a stand alone story and the next book in the series is it’s own story as well.

  34. Sdvillber

    This was a fun read, but the villain didn’t seem very powerful. I was really hoping that the end would deliver more on the promise of what would happen if the coven ever assembled. Almost feels like one book was split into two and this was the first half, but the ending isn’t quite planned yet?
    Still enjoyed it. I’ll be keeping this one on my shelf to re-read in a few years, because I forget quite quickly.

  35. Sdvillber

    I loved this so much!!! I will definitely be reading it again and I can’t wait to pick up book two.

  36. StephenmiC

    i haven’t been this into a book in a long time. it’s so so good

  37. RaymondSpee

    Cuando presentaron el libro en “terror” dijeron algo así como que este libro era una llamada política a desnaturalizar los marcos de interpretación del mundo.

  38. James Musa

    If you love vampires, then you’ll love this thrilling new book. It’s the perfect blend of romance and suspense, with a bit of mystery thrown in for good measure. The story follows a young woman who finds herself drawn to a dark, brooding vampire. As she gets to know him better, she realizes that he may be hiding a dangerous secret. But even as she fears for her life, she can’t deny her growing feelings for him. With its mesmerizing characters and edge-of-your-seat plotting, this is one book that you won’t be able to put down. So if you’re looking for a pulse-pounding read, be sure to add this one to your list.

  39. Susan Wilson

    I’m always on the lookout for the perfect vampire book. You know, the one that’s going to keep me up all night and make my heart race. The problem is, so many vampire books are either too dark and serious or too campy and ridiculous. I want a book that’s just the right mix of suspense, horror, and romance. And I finally found it. “DeSai” by R.W.K. Clark is everything I’ve been looking for in a vampire book. It’s got all the ingredients of a great thriller: mystery, intrigue, and of course, vampires. But what really sets this book apart is its lush, gothic setting and complex characters. If you’re looking for the perfect vampire book, look no further than “DeSai.”

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