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Thriller books are usually characterized by a sudden rush of excitement, emotion, apprehension, and exhilaration that drives the story, quickly and sometimes at a random pace, adding a sense of suspense. Fiction thrillers often include mystery, drama, action, and horror. Horror can be thrilling, Thrillers can be horrifying. In general, the antagonist drives the action in the thriller books, the protagonist is generally unsuspecting and would have lived a normal life had they not crossed paths with the antagonist.
Thriller books are popular because they exist to excite the reader. Their whole purpose is to induce the strongest emotional response possible. They allow the reader to experience feelings that they would typically not feel normally, providing a level of fearful excitement that would be difficult and unusual to achieve in day to day life. Readers do not typically want to experience these emotions in their own daily life’s, but because thrillers books are fictional, the sensations produced in the reader are exhilarating rather than threatening.

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