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Humanity Faces Extinction. Two Tech Warriors Rise.

The sky darkens. Immense alien ships blot out the sun, heralding a chilling message: Earth is theirs. These ruthless invaders, the Oppressors, offer a twisted choice – brutal extermination or a one-way ticket to a new world, but only for a select few who pass their enigmatic tests.

Inside the Pentagon, a desperate hope flickers. Josh, a code-writing prodigy, and Kamryn, a brilliant hacker, unite as Earth’s last line of defense. With the clock ticking down, they embark on a daring mission – to hack the mothership’s impenetrable computer core and cripple the alien shield.

Overtaken is a heart-pounding sci-fi thriller where love and courage collide with unimaginable technology. As the world crumbles around them, Josh and Kamryn face an impossible task. Can they outsmart the Oppressors and save humanity from annihilation? Or will Earth become a desolate graveyard, a testament to a lost civilization?

  • Science Fiction (Sci-Fi): The story features alien invasion, advanced technology, and a potential future setting.
  • Thriller: The narrative revolves around a high-stakes situation with suspense, a race against time, and a desperate fight for survival.
  • Romance: The development of a relationship between Josh and Kamryn adds a romantic element to the story.

Get ready to be overtaken.

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Earth Faces Annihilation! Can Two Tech Heroes Save Humanity?

The fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Alien invaders, the Oppressors, have descended upon Earth, casting a shadow of fear and despair. Their goal: complete domination. But there’s a flicker of hope. Josh, a brilliant code writer at the Pentagon, and Kamryn, a whiz-kid hacker, join forces in a desperate attempt to thwart the alien plan.

Overtaken by RWK Clark is a gripping alien invasion novel that will take you on a heart-pounding ride.

In this page-turning sci-fi thriller, you’ll discover:

  • A chilling alien invasion unlike any you’ve ever experienced
  • A desperate race against time to save humanity
  • A budding romance that blossoms amidst the chaos
  • The fight for survival in a world on the brink

Will Josh and Kamryn crack the alien’s defenses and save the human race? Or will Earth become another colony in the Oppressors’ vast empire?

Find out now!

Overtaken is available in multiple formats to fit your reading style:

  • Audible: Immerse yourself in the story with a captivating audiobook narration.
  • Kindle: Download the ebook instantly and start reading on your favorite device.
  • Paperback: Hold the book in your hands and experience the thrill of the invasion firsthand.

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ISBN: 978-0692489314 Amazon
ISBN: 978-1948312394 Barnes and Noble

6 reviews for Overtaken

  1. Joseph Joseph


    I came across and wanted to rate this great author.

    Kind regards,

  2. Joseph

    Another fascinating story that will keep you intrigued.

    Kind regards,

  3. Lexus Wade

    I don’t normally read thrillers, but I’m glad I picked up Overtaken. It was excellent. Josh and Kamryn are two young adults with hacking skills who put their talents to good use. When they finally find a worthy cause, they quickly discover that they’re in over their heads. Josh and Kamryn soon find themselves in a race against time. Overtaken is fast-paced and will leave you both terrified and satisfied.

  4. Leann Parish

    I don’t know about you, but I love a good thriller. And Overtaken definitely did not disappoint. The book is about Josh and Kamryn, who find themselves in the middle of a global conspiracy when they have to stop alien technology that can be used to take over the world. But instead of being scared, they decide to use their skills to stop the bad guys. I loved the fast-paced plot and the way the characters were developed. I also appreciated the fact that there was no profanity or gore. If you’re looking for a clean, thrilling read, I recommend checking it out.

  5. Mackenzie W.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Overtaken! I thought the plot was excellent it kept me guessing. And Josh and Kamryn are such fascinating characters and hot! They’re both computer geniuses, which makes them incredibly skilled at solving puzzles. But they’re also very different in terms of their personality traits. Josh is always calm and collected, while Kamryn is more impulsive and emotional. I loved seeing how they worked together at the heart of the book. If you’re looking for a thrilling read, I highly recommend Overtaken!

  6. Gisselle Huddleston

    Josh and Kamryn are two regular people who find themselves in the middle of an extraordinary situation. When a group of aliens invade Earth, it’s up to Josh and Kamryn to save the human race. This may sound like a standard plot for a thriller book, but don’t be fooled – Overtaken is anything but ordinary. The characters are awesome, and the action is non-stop. I was gripped from the first page and didn’t want to put the book down.

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