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Fictional action adventure books are literature that features stories of both action and adventure, such as travel, or going on a quest, basically exploring a new place. There are many types, such as fantasy adventure books, science-fiction adventure, supernatural adventure, adventure fiction allows the reader to escape into exciting stories about faraway places, or hidden secrets.
In action novels the primary feature is the constant fights, chases, explosions, or movements. The best action novels typically do not explore complex relationships between people, rather the focus is on what they are doing. There are many types of action for example sci fi action. Generally, action is high speed thrillers that simply aim to give the reader an exciting ride. Action and adventure books are an unusual experience, especially one that involves lots of excitement or risk. It must involve leaving home in some way, and usually has a component of fun and a sense of freedom. They also introduce characters involved in exciting and usually dangerous activities.

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