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‘Lucifer’s Angel’ is a book which tells the tale of a young girl raised in a very religious home, who experiences a year of terrible loss. The result of these painful occurrences is loss of the faith she has had her entire life, and in an effort to find a ‘god’ she can trust, the young teen turns to witchcraft. Unfortunately, she has no idea what she is getting herself into, and the consequences of her choice to revert are devastating.
Sarah Hathaway is your average teenager. She has lived in the fictional town of Paradise, her entire life, the only child of her parents, and their pride and joy. She has a very normal, happy life: Sarah has her best friend, Michelle, and her beloved border collie, Mitzi. She also has an uncommonly close relationship with her grandmother, church pianist Emma Holt. Everything in her life is perfect, and she is completely unprepared for the series of tragedies that take place.
For me, the best thing about writing ‘Lucifer’s Angel’ was the freedom I had to add as many twists and surprises as I saw fit. This is an unpredictable book, and I like it that way. Even to the very last pages, when you finally think you have what is happening to Sarah figured out, I switch it up. But what I have to say is that the nature of this book is the perfect breeding ground for such surprise, and without it, this would not have come anywhere near making the point I intended it to make.
So, then, what is the point? Well, I could say there are a few, in fact. First, it is safe to say that we should never dabble in something we know nothing about. Hidden dangers lurk around every last corner in this world, and matters of spirituality are no exception. Whether you are a religious person or not, this is a fact, and Sarah learns this in a terrifying and painful way. Unfortunately for her, this lesson comes late.
Secondly, pain is a part of life. All of us go through doubt about our own beliefs and abilities. Sarah’s doubt happens to run so deep, and her heart is so broken, that she makes the choice to turn to witchcraft almost strictly out of a sense of revenge toward God. ‘If you won’t give me my way, I’ll find someone who will,’ is essentially her thought process. Of course she is hurting, but we all do, and no one is exempt. When we turn our back on our own knowledge and beliefs because we are pouting over the facts of life, we sort of get what we deserve in the end. No amount of revenge or fit throwing will change the fact that bad things happen every single day.
I also try to convey the fact that it is terribly dangerous to give others too much trust. There are those in life that hold positions that should be trustworthy… pastors, parents, teachers, and the like. But we all know too well that everyone is human, and human beings are selfish by nature, not to mention capable of horrible things, no matter what their title or position is. This is especially true if there is something valuable to gain.
Yes, once again I have added surprises. Yes, I have twisted things in all the right places. But as I said above, this type of thing would be the nature of the black arts anyway; don’t be surprised. The only thing I will admit to here is that I wish things could have gone differently for Sarah in her life; she is a likeable young lady who has promise. Unfortunately, her anger and decisions are her own worst enemy, and ultimately and sadly, this plays out in her life for you to read.
I hope you enjoy reading ‘Lucifer’s Angel’, both for the joy of reading and for the points I have tried to make. It is a creative effort that consists of grief, horror, a bit of romance, and desperation. I have written about witchcraft before, but this story should drive things home and make them a bit more real.

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Lucifer’s Angel Writer’s Commentary
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Lucifer’s Angel Writer’s Commentary
I have to say is that the nature of this book is the perfect breeding ground for such surprise, and without it, this would not have come anywhere near making the point I intended it to make.
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