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Fictional crime books are usually characterized as crime and justice as their primary focus that fictionalizes crimes, their discovery, criminals, and their motives. Usually with topics like murder, kidnapping, drugs, robbery, mistaken identity, etc. Usually the main character is a person who is fighting for justice.
The crime is what propels the story forward. It is what motivates the characters and the readers. Therefore, the crime must be big and worthy. Most importantly, it must be something that the crime fiction lover will care about. Crime fiction authors usually include murders or theft in crime stories. The hero of the crime story is the protagonist. This is usually the detective or the person, perhaps a vigilante, trying to solve the crime or fight for justice. Part of what makes the best crime fiction so entertaining is that readers like to feel involved in the crime-solving. Though it is fictitious, the best crime novels should read as authentic and plausible.

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