Permanent Ink: Deadwalkers

The newest, must-have school supply has a disastrous side effect that threatens to eradicate humanity, one person at a time… read more.
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The town of Monte Vista, is on the verge of making history. Single mother Kathy Olson and her son, Brian, along with their neighbors didn’t know what hit them when Brian’s best friend Caleb brought him one of Aspen Stationers’ new Lumiosa pens. But unfortunately, it only took a couple of days for the ‘pen fever’ to spread like wildfire. Once Brian was infected with the deadly ink, the rest of Monte Vista didn’t stand a chance. Brian attacked his mother, they both infected their neighbor Paige Daugherty, and the three of them managed to violently pull Max Fisher into their deranged fold. By the time the upcoming school year was set to begin Monday, the only people who could be found in the school were the residents of Monte Vista who had barricaded themselves in to save their own lives, adults and children alike. Fortunately, calls were made, and by six in the morning that same Monday, the news was able to make an emergency alert regarding the state of the small town, which was far from good, and rapidly getting worse.

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