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R.W.K. Clark lives a fast-paced, intriguing life, he resides in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. He grew up not far, in his hometown of Albuquerque. Born on August 31, he is a Virgo. He is an author, an artist, but first and foremost he is a father. The most precious creations in his life are his son, Jon and his daughter, Kim. They are the number one priorities in his life and come before work and play. He himself continues to look for the love of his life, his soul mate, just like the character Cyril DeSai in the DeSai Series was searching for his queen for hundreds of years, the one essential thing that will make his family complete.
Clark likes to keep his life jam packed full of excitement but, is an overly organized individual. He loves the outdoors and traveling. Although, his real weakness is any type of water activity. Believe it or not, he is a Master Scuba Diver.

R.W.K. Clark said, “I believe that honest, open communication is the key to lasting friendships and relationships”. That must be why he has been known to wear his heart on his sleeve. For he believes you should treat someone as you would want to be treated. He is an extremely genuine person and will help anyone. However, he chooses to keep his circle of close friends small. The old saying must be true, that a person can count the number of true friends on one hand. R.W.K. Clark is a legitimately positive and caring person, he cares greatly about the environment and is highly against animal cruelty.

Clark is an exceedingly hard worker, having many skills. Due to his work, he can speak Spanish and Castilian, on top of his native language of English. Now a retired IT Director, he has earned his Doctor of Science in Information Technology.

R.W.K. Clark received his first camera in his early teenage years and has not been able to put it down since. Clark declares, “My passion was always to create”.

R.W.K. Clark has been most admired for his work as a published author. To date, he has several publications available on Kindle and paperback. His creative mind never stops spinning, so his enthusiasts can look forward to more novels coming soon. His novels tend to fall into the same major classifications of fiction thrillers, psychological, supernatural, crime and suspense. Although, each book is packed with different tales of romance and action. They also fall into their own sub-categories such as vampires, witches, zombies, aliens, and Satan himself. His novels are so thrilling and heart-wrenching that it keeps his fans yearning for more, just waiting for the next novel to come out.


Mindless by R WK Clark

RWK Clark has been revered as a profound, up and coming author. He most certainly is a perfectionist and will put forth the effort to take his work the extra mile. Clark states, “I am the kind of person who will go out on a limb to do what I want to do”.

As an author, his first published book was in July of 2015. RWK Clark wrote, Overtaken: Captive States a novel about aliens. He surpassed other newcomers with this supernatural thriller novel. Also, it is packed full of action, adventure, and romance. The book received rave reviews, frequently five out of five stars. You can check out the trailer for this supernatural, lust-filled novel at Amazon and Goodreads.

RWK Clark’s next novel resides in the same category of supernatural. It is packed full of action and romance. Living Legacy, Among the Dead a novel about a zombie apocalypse. Specifically created in the post-apocalyptic science fiction genre.

Clark’s DeSai Trilogy, falls into the supernatural category centering on vampire fiction. Although, none of his novels lack any action or romance. Especially, because as an artist, RWK Clark’s artwork is that of the female form, empowering females from many different perspectives. This is shown in his novels as there is always a powerful female leader. In the DeSai Trilogy, the vampire queen Rasia. The three volumes are In the Depth, Witches Immortal, and Lucien’s Reign. The supernatural, horror series was released in May of 2016.

Also, in the supernatural category, Lucifer’s Angel: The Church of Satan. Soon to become an occult classic, the witches of this thriller are bound to spell bind their readers, literally.

His June 2016 publication titled, Blood Feather Awakens is centered on a prehistoric creature known as Blood Feather. Yet, this crime thriller novel is highly suspenseful. Greedy paleontologists race against the clock to find Blood feather. There is plenty of science and research involved trying to decipher the origin of this fanged, colorful, feathered creature.

All of RWK Clark’s books fall into similar genres of supernatural or psychological thrillers. Yet, they each fall into a specific category of their own. Every single one of his novels are action packed which comes as no surprise being that Clark loves his own life being full of excitement and adventure. The characters in every story must fight against something or someone. Another aspect of Clark’s own life that he incorporates into his story telling. For he believes in always fighting for what you want or believe in.

As you can surely tell, RWK Clark is an adventurous and spiritual soul. He will be keeping us entertained for years to come. He is a diverse artist. Whether we are admiring the photos in his art gallery or reading the latest psychological thrillers, supporters will always remain entertained. To say the least, there is nothing dull about this man. No matter which art form you prefer.

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