Stolen Blood a vampire story official commentary

A fun sci-fi thriller vampire story Stolen Blood is the vampire story of a secret society of vampires, all of whom live and work among us amicably. This is almost a common theme type for me, as most readers familiar with my DeSai series can attest. The difference between ‘Stolen Blood’ and other functional vampire … Read more

Shattered Dreams Crime Drama Official Commentary

When I sat down to write this crime drama, I did it with one purpose. To tell a story. Shattered Dreams isn’t like my other novels in that it is in no way science fiction or horror. It is just crime drama of a man with dreams who brought them to life. It is something … Read more

How to Relate Stockholm Syndrome, Kidnapping and PTSD

Stockholm Syndrome is when the victim of kidnap sympathizes with their captors. It relates to PTSD and results from supporting the goals of a kidnaper. RWK Clark provides a perfect example of Stockholm Syndrome in Requiem for the Caged. In the book, Andrea’s mother does not care about her. On top of this, men used … Read more

Interesting Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome and Crime

Interesting Link Between Munchausen and Crime Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome is a mental sickness that leads to child torture. A mother can fake symptoms that appear as if their child is sick. At the same time, they can also make the real symptoms to create an illness in their child. In Retribution by RWK Clark, Marissa … Read more

Monster Book is the Best for Horror Experiences

Monster books are still the best read for horror lovers because they spark emotions by causing unexpected fears. But this is not all. In great books, monsters possess a higher level of mystery. A monster is inhuman. It is also supernatural, and authors usually give them so many capabilities that create trouble for those seeking … Read more

More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

We are seeing more scary stories to tell in the dark today than years before, and choosing the right one to read may not be easy. A scary story is not different from other stories. They have a main character or characters, a goal, and obstacles that stand in the way of the main heroine. … Read more

What are the Best Horror Books for Teens?

The best horror books for teens are those that create fear by forming the scariest supernatural elements. Horror novels for teens are essential since they help draw their fears out. For example, they make teens more terrified by drawing them into intense emotions that a character in the horror book feels. For example, Elliot Keller … Read more

Why Psychological Thrillers Make the Best Books

Psychological thrillers form the best books for many people. Good thrillers ensure total entertainment of the audience. Thus, the audience will keep reading the piece. If you read Passing Through, you’re first interested to know more about the perfect life of Rick and Donna. But there is a twist of events where it suddenly turns … Read more

Most Dangerous Psychological Disorders in Society

Narcissists, schizophrenia, sociopaths, and psychopaths are society’s most threatening psychological disorders that burden victims in their minds daily. To begin, you’d agree that psychopathy is one of the most dangerous traits of all. The victim experiences less or no guilt at all. This article will explore what makes people think that psychopathy and other disorders … Read more

How Violence Relates to Personality Disorders

Psychopathic, narcissistic, sociopathic, and schizophrenic are common personality disorders that cause violence by creating aggression. Firstly, it is good to note that violence comes from psychopathic features. Specifically, aggression is common in adults with these disorders. Psychopathy causes to lifelong fierce and violent traits. It needs special attention to those affected, as seen in some … Read more

What is the Relationship Between a Narcissist, Sociopath, or Psychopath?

A narcissist, narcissistic, or narcissism, and a psychopath and a sociopath have unique relationships. This article explains how the traits relate. First, one should understand that psychopaths and narcissists are fond of riding on others for personal gains. Both hurt others. However, the latter can harm people without knowing how they will feel. Sociopaths cause … Read more

How to Differentiate Psychopaths and Sociopaths

Psychopaths and Sociopaths explain antisocial personality disorders. The terms have a pattern of disregarding the safety and rights of others. ‘Passing Through‘ is a story of a person who possesses these traits. It will help the reader understand what sociopaths and psychopaths feel like in real life. So how are Psychopaths and Sociopaths Different? A … Read more