Author R.W.K. Clark New Website Press Release


Author R.W.K. Clark New Website Press Release

by R.W.K. Clark
JUNE 11, 2016

Author R.W.K. Clark Launches New Website, Keeps Writing Captivating Books

Recently, popular author R.W.K. Clark announced that a new website would be coming, one where fans could find all the information they could possibly want regarding his various works. Of course, no press release about this information would be complete without providing a short list of his most popular books.


Lucifer’s Angel- This is one of those books that will keep you from sleeping for the next several nights, so you might want to leave the lights on. It centers around Sarah, a young girl who is dedicated in her faith but experiences a great deal of tragedy in her life. Eventually, she decides that she can no longer have faith because of all the tragedy that she has experienced. Even worse, she decides that she will start giving herself up to the other side as she begins to practice witchcraft.
In the Depths: The DeSai Trilogy #1- This book centers around a powerful vampire who is looking for a queen that can match him in every way possible. He finds that in the dark witch Rasia. However, will he truly be able to help her become immortal before she has to face the same ugly fate as most of her relatives?
Witches Immortal: The DeSai Trilogy #2- This book centers even more on Rasia, giving a great deal of background into her history and why she has made the decisions that she has made. In addition, it quickly becomes apparent why she is just as dark and evil as the vampire who lusts after her.
Lucien’s Reign: The DeSai Trilogy #3- Rasia is now pregnant with a dark vampire king that will rule over the entire world, even more powerful than she and her vampire mate. In this culmination of the DeSai Trilogy, who knows what will happen next?
Blood Feather Awakens: The Timebound Rebirth- This is a story about a giant and powerful bird that encompasses every terrifying quality ranging from prehistoric dinosaurs to supernatural entities. The two unsuspecting individuals that find it attempt to take a simple photograph and in doing so, unleash an evil that is unlike anything the world has known before.
Living Legacy: Among the Dead- This is the perfect zombie apocalypse story. It centers around college students Alicia and Jace, normal, everyday people who find themselves thrust into a situation that is anything but normal. It all starts with water that doesn't taste quite right and before you know it, the zombie apocalypse is happening everywhere you look.
Overtaken: Captive States- Anyone who has an interest in aliens will appreciate this book. However, it might cause them to lose some sleep at night. The book is all about the arrival of aliens, the aliens aren't friendly and they are bent on destruction. Who will survive?

Author R.W.K. Clark is independently published and can be found in both a paperback and Kindle edition. Most people know RWK Clark as the versatile author who is capable of writing about a wide range of subjects that are just on the fringe of what most people think of as reality. Perhaps that is the very thing that is so appealing, as the author has developed quite a following of devoted fans who can’t wait for each new book to be released.

To learn more about R.W.K Clark visit his website,


R.W.K. Clark

Address: PO BOX 45313
Rio Rancho, NM 87174


Author R.W.K. Clark New Website Press Release
RWK Clark, PO Box 45313,New Mexico-87174
Author R.W.K. Clark New Website Press Release