Book Reviews Are Important

Your words are as important to an author as an author’s words are to you.

My creativity is fueled by readers like you. If you enjoyed my novel, I implore you to please write a review, and share your experience. Tell a friend, tell a loved one about the book. The livelihood for authors is fully dependent on reviews, and I must say, it is the largest obstacle as a struggling author that I have encountered. With your help, I will be one step closer to overcoming this obstacle.

In return, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Humbled, with gratitude,
R.W.K. Clark

✏️Please write a review now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble today.✍️

Readers still look for reviews written by their peers “social proof” to help determine whether a book is worth buying and positive reviews can act as a catalyst for sales. ? Praises are great for ego and motivation, but a good critique can help a writer grow. ✍️ On Amazon, reviews are a substantial part of their business. In fact, reviews are highly valued and featured prominently on the site. ? With Amazon giving reviews that much attention, it makes one think that their role in the book buying process is significant. ?

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