DeSai Trilogy Horror Novels Luciens Reign Press Release


DeSai Trilogy Horror Novels Luciens Reign Press Release

by R.W.K. Clark
MAY 30, 2016

Finally Released, in the Spine-Chilling DeSai Horror Novels Trilogy; Lucien's Reign by R.W.K Clark

Not just another vampire series. Malicious characters giving life to pure evil puts a new spin on supernatural thrillers in these paranormal horror novels.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – Local Author RWK Clark has done it again. His creative story telling chills readers as Lucien, Satan's spawn, takes over the world.

The beloved, ruthless, vampire queen is bearing the child of Cyril DeSai, her departed husband. Their child will be of both vampire and witch descent. The child, Lucien, will be as destructive, evil, and vicious as they come. For he is the one and only offspring of hell. He has been chosen to rule over the world for all eternity.

Clark keeps his readers longing for more in this spell-binding series.

Clark said, “My passion was always to create. I am the kind of person who will go out on a limb to do what I want to do.” For the final installment, he ends this fiction novel in a way that his fans will love. If his passion is to create, he has done just that. He has created a book that you will find ruthless and sinister yet are guaranteed to fall in love with the characters at the same time.

Satan's son born to an evil vampire queen. Think of the terrifying nightmare that is about to engulf the world! Will Lucien fulfill his destiny? What obstacles will this hellion face? Are people ready for the world to plunge into darkness and absolute evil? What will become of mankind if Lucien is to reign?


This mind blowing novel, DeSai; Lucien's Reign is now available for fans and readers alike. As a horror fiction fanatic, be sure to read the complete DeSai Trilogy. Volume One, In the Depths and Volume Two, Witches Immortal. These horror novels are must reads for paranormal and supernatural enthusiasts. Luciens Reign: Desai Trilogy Spawn Of Satan is independently published and can be found in both a paperback and Kindle edition.

ISBN-13: 978-0692722190
ISBN-10: 069272219X
BISAC: fiction/ thrillers/ supernatural / horror

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DeSai Trilogy Horror Novels Luciens Reign Press Release
RWK Clark, PO Box 45313,New Mexico-87174
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May 30, 2016
A savage struggle against evil and otherworldly enemies, bestselling Author R WK Clark presents the third volume in the brilliant DeSai Trilogy, a compelling whirlpool of a story that draws you into its center. The culmination of Cyril DeSai and Rasia Engres in their son, the only offspring spawned between a black witch and a vampire. His name is to be Lucien, the chosen one, sent to take the world by the neck and lead it straight to hell.