One Of The Best Suspense Books Overtaken Captive States Alien Encounters

Best Suspense Books Overtaken Captive States Alien Encounters
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Overtaken Captive States by R.W.K. Clark

One Of The Best Suspense Books Overtaken Captive States Alien Encounters

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When it comes to war, there are never any winners. In R.W.K. Clark’s alien encounters science fiction novel, ‘Overtaken Captive States’, this point is made crystal clear. To what extremes would you expect your government to take in an alien invasion to ensure the safety of its people?
This fiction book is primarily set at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. It is there that readers get the ‘inside scoop’ regarding the invasion of the Oppressors, and the reaction of the US government. It is also here that one of the main characters, a code writer, works as a computer genius, at least to some level; he is a shoe-in when the powers that be seek someone to formulate a plan of defense. There is a single mothership hovering over Washington, but there are several other ships which are hovering over cities as well, but the only time we really visit these areas of action are in the prologue.
The Oppressors fully intend to take over Earth, and they will do this solely for the rich resources it has to offer. Making this one of the best suspense books by R.W.K. Clark.

Here’s the deal.

The answer is frightening: Humans are to be ‘herded’ in preset groups to testing facilities erected by the Oppressors. No preferences are made for families; each man is for himself. These facts contribute to the creepiness of this novel. None of us want to be alone when we die; we don’t even want to live if we have no one to love and live with. It is the little sprinklings like this that add to the surreal quality of this book.

Want to know the best part?

This is where Josh really comes in. With new friend and professional hacker, Kamryn Reynolds, Josh begins to search for a way to breach the mothership’s computer and render the ship defenseless by collapsing its shield. The problem is, they are scheduled to be herded, just like everyone else, and the computer on the ship is like nothing he or Kamryn has ever dealt with. The odds they are facing are astronomical. Another reason why this is one of the best suspense books by R.W.K. Clark.

It gets better.

The main characters of this suspense thriller book include code writer, Josh Nichols and pro hacker, Kamryn Reynolds. The president, Andrew Mason, and the alien leader, ‘Superior’, are also prime players. Other than that, there are a handful of supporting characters, consisting of government advisors and alien underlings. There are not so many characters that this book is hard to keep up with, and each existing one has a unique personality unto themselves. This especially applies to Superior; he is evil, but not because he has chosen it. It is in his nature, and even though he is ruthless, this is something that can’t be ignored. Big players include the vice-president Henry Whitaker, Miles James, the head of Homeland Security, Carson Wood, the Secretary of Defense, and finally Peter Wells, the head of Josh’s unit at the Pentagon.

You might be wondering.

This is not an exceptionally graphic or bloody science fiction story, and Clark even adds some romantic suspense between Josh and Kamryn which makes the story move along nicely. From their perspective, readers are able to consider what love would be like in the last days and weeks of existence. Would you be able to function and go on knowing the chances of death were great? Not only that but how would it feel to face such a situation with a romantic relationship going on? Questions like these assist this story in catering to a diverse audience.

But here’s the kicker.

It is important to note that, from the beginning, I picked up on a certain tone in the novel. While specific survivors may cause readers to cheer, the point is not the survival; in this situation are the survivors really winning at all? That is the question to ask at this time.

What’s the bottom line?

While readers consider all of these points, they will still discover that they have hope: Hope that the humans will find a magical solution. Hope that somehow everything will be okay, and life will return tomorrow, when the sun comes up. And hope that, even though the chances are slim, they might get a chance with someone they love, instead of surrounded by strangers.

Overtaken Captive States’ is the only novel RWK Clark has written about alien encounters or an alien invasion of any kind. He has included everything from supernatural thriller to romantic suspense and provides readers with a ‘by the skin of my teeth’ ending. There are a few lessons to learn from these pages of this high-speed tale of invasion, and it is the intelligence behind the idea that makes it possible to make you think.

Add this alien encounters novel to your best suspense books list.

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