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Mindless A Novel Written by Author RWK Clark.

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Mindless’ is a story set in Baltimore, Maryland and tells the story of Johns Hopkins student: Melvin Frink. Frink is something of a nerd and comes from a family with money, but with a mother who suffocates him constantly and a past that he cannot seem to recall clearly, he tries to continue on with his life goal: To become a neuropsychology surgeon who wants to study, and perfect, the lobotomy procedures of the past. However, Melvin suffers an accident which puts him in a coma for several years, and his clingy mother goes to horrible extremes to bring her son back to her, with results that will horrify even the most calloused of minds. One of R.W.K. Clark's best suspense thriller books of all time.

Mindless a new addition to psychological suspense thriller books.

Having suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of his accident, Melvin is already prone to personality changes, and during his recovery period at home. Rage builds in him, and coupled with his loneliness, he decides that what he needs is a woman, on to call his own and be his best friend. So, Melvin begins to ‘hunt’ for the perfect ‘pet' and experiment with his own ideas of lobotomization to put them under his control. But soon, one is not enough for him, and he wants another, and yet another. The horrifying things this psychopath subjects these damaged girls to are enough to spur him on even further.

This is a very harsh book coming from this author.

Some fans may find this psychological thriller novel by author R W K Clark a bit heavy for their liking. But true horror fans will be pleased with the offering, as it seems to be more along the lines of what they have asked for and desire. This is not a book for younger readers, as many of his prior works have been, so take caution and consideration before buying or reading this particular book.

Psychos belong in psychological suspense thriller books.

Melvin Frink is a medical student and fairly normal human being, by all appearances. However, his accident amplifies his negative fantasy life and behavior. Soon, he goes on a rampage like Baltimore has never seen the likes of, and it is not bound to end well.
Adele Frink is Melvin’s bipolar and hyper-sexual, drug-addicted mother who has tortured him in all ways possible his entire life. Now, the woman holds him under her thumb as she has always desired after bringing him home from the hospital for his recovery. What she doesn’t know is that he is on the verge of a true breakdown.

Two more key players in this psychological suspense thriller.

Doris Melvin’s nurse is more like a mother to Melvin than anyone he has ever known, and certainly kinder and more loving to him than Adele. Denise Hoskins is one of the girls Melvin picks up, and while she is nowhere near the class of girl he would typically choose, he takes her home with the intent of never letting her leave.

In conclusion.

I enjoyed ‘Mindless’ and would recommend it to adult horror fans looking for a good, Psychological thriller.

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