One Of The Best Psychological Thrillers Books To Read Box Office Butcher

Box Office Butcher by R.W.K. Clark his best psychological thrillers books

Box Office Butcher by R.W.K. Clark

One Of The Best Psychological Thrillers Books To Read.

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Box Office Butcher Smash Hit is a mystery suspense novel by the writer RWK Clark. It tells the story of the ‘Box Office Butcher’, a serial killer who is committing murders just like those in the scenes of a new hit slasher movie. Kevin Harmes is a detective with the LAPD who is determined to find the serial killer before he completes the final massacre scene. Little does the cop know this psychopath has a vendetta, and he will do whatever it takes to finish the job without interruption.
The fiction writing primarily takes place in Los Angeles, California, though the mass murder does travel to other cities to accomplish his planned manslaughter agenda. The main characters in the thriller horror novel include the ‘Box Office Butcher‘, Detective Kevin Harmes and his partner, Joe Carter, Davis Reed is at the top of the suspect list, Miles March, a famous film director, Cory Caine the leading actor and a list of many others, including the victims of The Butcher and people from his past. There are also a few suspects on Harmes’ list, but none of them hold the spotlight for more than a couple of scenes.

The main reason why I added this novel to the best psychological thrillers books to read list.

While the killer in this book is killing people according to the movie, he is genuinely trying to make things right from his past; this is far more than a joyride for him. This is also something that police, of course, are not aware of; if they were, he would be apprehended in the first chapter. As the investigation goes on, Harmes begin to piece things together, and he comes to understand what is really going on in this person’s mind. While what this guy is doing is horrifying, he is driven by a sense of necessity, which, by the end, almost makes his felony actions understandable, to an extent.
I would have to say that the lesson to be learned from a book like this, if there is one, is that one can never tell what abuse will do to the human mind. Its long-lasting effects are similar to those of rot on food; ultimately, all you have in the end is death and spoilage, and this is typically something that cannot be fixed. With this in mind, it is no wonder this sicko does what he does.
To put it simply, Detectives Harmes and Carter have a pretty intelligent and elusive lunatic on their hands. They have a list of suspects, and they have people of great means who seem to be shifting the focus faster than they are able to set their sights. It is a scrambling, confusing path the police are on to catch this vile, heartless animal. This is a point which Detective Harmes picks up on and is vital to his investigation. Unfortunately, the suspects that are on his list all fall into this category at one level or another, so he must do the footwork to weed them out.

What’s the bottom line?

The story is set in Los Angeles, but the butchering murders also take place in Sacramento and San Diego. The ‘Box Office Butcher‘ plans the carnage carefully, even choosing his victims ahead of time and studying their routines closely. Even though they are chosen randomly, they are also picked according to their life circumstances; they must be similar to the movie victims who they are being murdered after.
The first homicides take place on the film’s opening night. Unfortunately, it happens, and the investigation begins. Detective Harmes doesn’t pick up on the copycat aspect right away, but when he does, it sparks the gut-churning realization about what is really happening.

It gets better.

The psycho sometimes flashes back to moments of abuse. These scenes are a bit grim, mostly for the fact that he is a small child when they take place. Other scenes have him a bit older, but they are no less disturbing; we know that his mind has snapped as a result of all these incidents, and readers may find themselves just as disgusted with the perpetrator as they are with The Butcher himself.
The Butcher is on a mission. He is seeking revenge and he is bent on accomplishing his goal at any cost. He is driven, enraged, and determined, but those aren’t his most frightening personal traits. It is because he is patient, calculating, and has finances at his disposal that he is so dangerous. The door leading to the culmination of his bloodshed goal is wide open to him, and if it wasn’t, he would simply pay someone to open it. Another reason why I added this novel to the best psychological thrillers books to read list.

The good news is that Harmes is just as determined and angry.

He doesn’t let the fact that this guy is a sick person distract him from the pursuit. Even as he begins to fully understand who the killer probably is and what he has been through, Harmes becomes more and more determined to stop him. He is an experienced cop who wants this monster off the street, even though he understands that the chances of stopping the guy before he is finished are a bit slim.
Box Office Butcher has a good foundation, and the idea behind the plot is interesting enough to keep the reader’s attention. For anyone that enjoys a fast-paced psychological murder mystery, this is a book to read.

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