Supernatural Thriller Dead on the Water Press Release


Supernatural Thriller Dead on the Water: Abandon Ship
Press Release

November 27, 2017
Dead on the Water: Abandon Ship (Zombie Cruise)

Los Angeles, CA – Sensational supernatural thriller author, RWK Clark launches his apocalyptic zombie horror novel, “Dead on the Water: Abandon Ship.”

Clark is continuing to contribute new and fascinating ideas in his soon to be timeless supernatural thriller horror novel. With the zombie craze in full swing, Clark’s newest novel, “Dead on the Water,” will take the world by surprise by expanding the normal zombie horror series.
A spine-tingling escapade that begins in Belize with a young child that falls ill after suffering a bite from a stray dog. The child still boards a cruise ship with their family for their vacation. Now the real nightmare begins.

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Dead On The Water has been optioned for a feature film adaptation, Dead In The Water.


Supernatural thriller fans have been patiently awaiting a new release from R.W.K. Clark. Be prepared, it has arrived. Dead on the Water: Abandon Ship (Zombie Cruise) will captivate readers with interest and terror. A dedicated R.W.K. Clark fan states, “I have read every book by R.W.K Clark, a creative author that will mystify you. I have never read a book that describes everything in such detail as Dead on the Water. It literally gave me chills with any noise I heard, I was jumping out of my skin. This novel is amazing.”

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RWK Clark is a remarkable artist as both an author and photographer. His award-winning skills continue to impress his audience and others. Clarkltd has published and released “Dead on the Water.” This sought after zombie novel is now available, a real night terror on paper. Clark’s most intriguing horror story to date. A must read zombie tale that will take you for an extreme mind ride.
Dead on the Water: Abandon Ship is independently published and can be found in both a paperback and Kindle edition.

ISBN-13: 978-0997876703
ISBN-13: 978-1948312936
ISBN-13: 978-1948312905
ISBN-10: 0997876700
ASIN: B01J85V8Y4
BISAC: fiction/ thrillers/ supernatural

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To learn more about R.W.K Clark visit his website,


R.W.K. Clark

Address: PO BOX 45313
Rio Rancho, NM 87174


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