Blood Feather Awakens Character Profile

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Blood Feather Awakens Character Profile

Sam Daniels
Sam is a twenty-eight-year-old professional wildlife photographer who lives in Seattle, Washington. He has contributed to a variety of well-known magazines and periodicals. He is a single man, with wavy brown hair and brown eyes; he stands about five-eleven, and has a muscular, somewhat stocky build. He is single, and for many years has considered his job to be his wife. The truth is, Sam has very little confidence when it comes to women, and he has never met one who has been strong enough to overcome his shyness with her own strength. He has a pure heart, and when it comes to the creature, his main concern is that no one else is killed; Sam thinks it should be safely captured and studied, and that before it’s too late.
Dr. Katherine (Kate) Beck
Dr. Beck is a beautiful, raven-haired ornithologist with bright green eyes and a brighter smile. She is funny and high-spirited, and Kate has a love for heavy metal music. She, too, is single, devoting her free-time and affection to her own career, which involves her studies for the University of Washington in Seattle. She is a bit more street-wise and less trusting than Sam; Kate understands that everyone operates out of their own motivation, and it usually is selfish and devious. She loves animals, particularly birds, and the thought of finding and studying the gorgeous Blood Feather, bringing it to safety, is like the dream of a lifetime. She wants to save the lives of others, but Kate’s true reason for the hunt is to bring the creature home so she can learn about it.

Dr. Harold Kreiger
Dr. Kreiger is a paleontologist for the University of Washington. He is an associate of Kate’s, of course, and until the Blood Feather breakthrough, he is someone she thinks she can somewhat trust. He is a short, stout, balding man that gives off a sense of fatherly concern, but the truth is, this is nothing but an act. Kreiger sees the bird as a personal breakthrough, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get to Blood Feather first, even if it means that others die in the process. He cannot do it alone, though; Kreiger ends up enlisting the help of another paleontologist, Dr. Roy Hastings. Together, this devious pair ventures into the Amazon to find the beloved prehistoric bird.

Dr. Roy Hastings
Kreiger’s partner in crime gets much more than he bargains for during the hunt for Blood Feather. Hastings shares Kreiger’s motives, but he isn’t quite as calloused and calculating, so it doesn’t take him long to realize that the pair have made a pretty dire mistake. He is a quieter man, who is simply hoping for the best when it comes to the creature situation. He is also scared to death in the middle of the jungle; fortunately for him, Kate and Sam are compassionate and merciful, even considering the deception they have been dealing with when it comes to this man and his cohort.

Miguel Pereira
Miguel is the director of Expedition Amazon, a company which provides tour guides to those visiting the jungle. He is Brazilian, and speaks Portuguese mostly, though he knows sufficient English to communicate effectively. After the death of his guide Rico in the beginning, Miguel is compelled to join Kate and Sam in the search for Blood Feather, but his motives are based almost solely on grief and anger. He would like to kill the thing, but he is also moral and intelligent, and he realizes the benefit of taking the creature alive. Miguel is strong, mature, courageous, and is constantly studying and watching everything around him. He is the perfect person to lead the quest into the jungle for Blood Feather.

Abilio Fonseco
Abilio is another guide who joins in Sam’s second expedition. He is kind and mostly patient, but he is terrified, so he has to constantly buck himself up. He is also one who will fall victim to Blood Feather during the second expedition, which is a fairly sad scene indeed. He owes great thanks to Miguel for his compassion and strength. Regardless of his background silence, it is important to point out that Abilio is very courageous in his actions, even in the midst of his fears.

Glaucio Duarte
Glaucio has only been a guide with Destination Amazon for a few years, but he has fifteen prior years’-experience with another tour company, and according to Miguel, he knows the jungle like the back of his hand. Of all three guides, Glaucio claims to be familiar with stories about the bird in the jungle; according to legend, the thing has been around for some time. Like Abilio and Miguel, Glaucio goes forth into the jungle with great courage, even though he is a bit familiar with what they are actually looking for. For all of his strength, the man is the only one who sheds a tear when Abilio encounters the creature’s violence.

Sam’s first guide and driver in the story was also his favorite. Unfortunately, Rico is easily mesmerized by Blood Feather, and the creature literally tears him apart right in front of Sam in the beginning. He is the main reason they venture back out to search for the bird and capture it. He was a family man, and was expecting a baby at the time of his death.

Jason Seward
Kate’s loyal, young assistant has something of a crush on the ornithologist, but he keeps it to himself. Jason is responsible and trustworthy, and he is left at the university when Sam and Kate head for the Amazon, so he could care for her animals. Jason is a bit of an innocent; he is easily duped out of information by Kreiger and Hastings, which leads to them tracking down Kate and Sam in the jungle.

Kate’s receptionist at the University of Washington is an older lady with graying hair and a pleasant smile, but she doesn’t take well to visitors without appointments. Martha makes only a brief appearance, but she is important to the story.

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