Living Legacy Among The Dead A Zombie Apocalypse Press Release


Living Legacy Among The Dead A Zombie Apocalypse Press Release

by R.W.K. Clark
AUGUST 26, 2015

R.W.K. Clark Combines Science, Romance, And Zombies In An Enigmatic Zombie Apocalypse Thriller

Rio Rancho, New Mexico – Local Author releases his novel Living Legacy: Among the Dead, Clark has managed to combine the simple and traditional zombie novel with a romantic love story. Clark manages to paint the picture of a world being consumed by death in this zombie apocalypse thriller. The young and burgeoning romance between Alicia and Jace is the only light in the world; their passion for each other, along with their commitment to creating a cure for the changes the zombies are wreaking on the people around them, may be the only things stopping the world from succumbing to an apocalypse.

Rather than being a simple zombie thriller or a predictable romance, Living Legacy: Among the Dead is the kind of blend of two genres that you can’t find anywhere else. Loyal romance and horror readers will find themselves enjoying this novel, which ultimately walks the thin line of taking the best part of each genre and forgoing the rest. The power of pitting science against fantasy as it is done in here should not be under-appreciated.

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Clark takes the emotional suspense of a zombie thriller and works it into his book, lacing each moment with fear of what’s to come and despair for the fate of the world. But the emotional whirlwind doesn’t end there. Rather than just being a fast-paced thriller, this work takes the emotional suspense and impact of a classic romance and throws it in, juxtaposing the new life of a young romance with the death of a world. By melding these two fundamentally different genres into one fiction book, Clark takes the classic literary expectations of those genres and throws them out the window. It is this unique aspect that gives his novel the edge that takes it above and beyond expectation.

Living Legacy: Among the Dead is independently published and can be found in both a paperback and Kindle edition.

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ISBN-13: 978-0692517246 (Custom)
ISBN-10: 0692517243
BISAC: fiction/ thrillers/ supernatural / horror

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