Supernatural Thriller Lucifer’s Angel (Witches and Witchcraft) Press Release


Supernatural Thriller Lucifer's Angel: The Church of Satan (Witches and Witchcraft) Press Release

by R.W.K. Clark
JUNE 5, 2016


Rio Rancho, New Mexico – Novelist R.W.K. Clark tells a horrifying witches and witchcraft story of a girl who finds the strength to overcome her religious upbringing only to enter into something far more sinister in Lucifer's Angel. After her entire life under the influence of the church and her parents, Sarah finds herself disillusioned. In her quest to find power within herself, she moves away from her traditional upbringing into something far darker; instead of worshipping God, she finds herself ensnared with Satan, experimenting with witchcraft and deeper and darker ways than she had previously thought were possible.

A spine-chilling witches and witchcraft thriller, Lucifer's Angel will delight readers who have invested in Sarah's all too human struggle. As she finds herself abandoned by the God she had always been taught would support her, readers find themselves empathizing with her decision to lead the church. As she becomes more and more tangled within the evils of Lucifer, turning to witchcraft as a way to find something stable within her life, readers will find themselves uncomfortably supporting her through the process, even as they understand that it is, of course, fundamentally wrong. More than anything else, Lucifer's Angel plays with its readers. As it tugs them into its dark world, much as Sarah is pulled into witchcraft, readers will become seduced by its colorful characters, complex story, and enthralling plot. Anyone who has ever loved anything within the supernatural and paranormal genre, been insecure about their own lives and beliefs, or has ever been even a little like Sarah will become entranced with Sarah's story.


Most people know R.W.K Clark as the versatile author who is capable of writing about a wide range of subjects that are just on the fringe of what most people think of as reality. Perhaps that is the very thing that is so appealing, as the author has developed quite a following of devoted fans who can’t wait for each new book to be released. Lucifer's Angel: The Church of Satan by R.W.K. Clark can be found in both kindle and paperback editions.

ISBN-13: 978-0692733288
ISBN-10: 0692733280
BISAC: fiction/ thrillers/ supernatural

Supernatural Thriller Lucifer's Angel Press Release
RWK Clark, PO Box 45313,New Mexico-87174
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June 5, 2016
Bestselling author R WK Clark delivers a classic occult thriller—with a twist. Sarah Hathaway is the sweetest, kindest person you’d ever hope to meet. Her life is perfect. She has everything she could ever hope for. But when multiple tragedies strike, she turns away from the church, pursuing instead the life of a witch. At the end of the day, witchcraft seems to make her life better. But what’s lurking just behind Sarah? Now that she’s discovered what spells can do, the misfortunes in her life don’t seem all that natural anymore… Will she realize in time for her life to be saved?